Sorry, who?!

Summer is a time to sit back, enjoy the sun and gather your thoughts. Right? Wrong! Clubs in the Premier League are working hard to make some critical decisions that will affect their teams' chances of success in 2019/20. As we're now just over a month to go before the Premier League season kicks off, … Continue reading Sorry, who?!

Bernardo Silva

“Portuguese playmaker, Bernardo Silva, finds himself in space and drives towards Luke Shaw before quickly shifting inside to snap a shot into the corner past the slow David De Gea”. Silva has been a revelation this season for Manchester City, a player Pep Guardiola has repeatedly stated: “Right now it is Bernardo Silva and 10 … Continue reading Bernardo Silva

Throwback when? # Patrick Vieira

"What I love is the game itself"Patrick Vieira Patrick Vieira was the first signing under the Arsene Wenger regime, despite Wenger not actually being the Arsenal manager yet, as were the days in 1996. An illustrious powering midfielder who could dominate a game or player by his sheer presence embodied Arsenal’s qualities in that era, … Continue reading Throwback when? # Patrick Vieira