Can the top 6 mould be broken?

The last time a team outside of the traditional top six broke in, we all know what happened (hint: 2015/16 season). Before that was Everton in 13/14 who finished 5th in the first post-Fergie season as Manchester United finished 7th, as well as in 2012/13 when they finished 6th. The reference to 'top' teams in … Continue reading Can the top 6 mould be broken?

Dilly ding, dilly dong

It's been almost three years since Leicester's miraculous 15/16 season, what's changed since and what does the future hold? It’s been 1067 days since Leicester City were confirmed Premier League champions for the stupendous 2015/2016 season. A 5000-1 miracle was turned into reality on the 2nd May 2016 as Tottenham players lost their heads against … Continue reading Dilly ding, dilly dong