Can the top 6 mould be broken?

The last time a team outside of the traditional top six broke in, we all know what happened (hint: 2015/16 season). Before that was Everton in 13/14 who finished 5th in the first post-Fergie season as Manchester United finished 7th, as well as in 2012/13 when they finished 6th. The reference to 'top' teams in … Continue reading Can the top 6 mould be broken?

Welcome Norwich City

Norwich City Style & Recruitment Norwich City manager Daniel Farke had a difficult start to life in the east of England back in 17/18 finishing 14th in the Championship. But possibly one of the main reasons he was so successful in 18/19, winning the championship with 94 points, was because of this period (as well … Continue reading Welcome Norwich City

Stupendous. CL last 4 looked at.

"The Championsssssss” As the Champions League anthem rang around European stadiums this week, spectators were in for another treat. A Barcelona masterclass left the Manchester United board having to take a serious look at themselves. “The Sensationeel” was what the De Telegraaf in Holland stated after a young Ajax team caused another Champions League upset … Continue reading Stupendous. CL last 4 looked at.

Throwback when? # Patrick Vieira

"What I love is the game itself"Patrick Vieira Patrick Vieira was the first signing under the Arsene Wenger regime, despite Wenger not actually being the Arsenal manager yet, as were the days in 1996. An illustrious powering midfielder who could dominate a game or player by his sheer presence embodied Arsenal’s qualities in that era, … Continue reading Throwback when? # Patrick Vieira